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Vincent is a nutrition consultant and mineral technician using Hair Mineral Analysis as it's foundation for improving health. Today we are now using the
phrase "development" as we have evolved into a higher science for health.

For over 20 years he has focused his attention on nutrition and mineral science helping clients of all age groups correct many health issues. He studied the work of Dr. Paul Eck and Dr. Lawrence Wilson, who further developed mineral science and nutritional balancing. Vincent earned a certificate in mineral science from West Brook University, West Virginia and is an author of many published articles that can be found online. 

Vincent is a big advocate for improving health through mineral science evolving into higher development, a holistic system that uses proper nutrition and mineral absorption in combination with the mind/body connection. He works in conjunction with Analytical Research Labs located in Phoenix, AZ to provide state-of-the-art hair mineral profiles as a foundation to guide the process to success. He will counsel you on how to achieve better health with nutrition, mineral absorption and focus on improving digestion. With today's technology Vincent can work with clients all over the world via email and by phone!

You can contact him to set up a Free Phone Consultation or if you have any questions.                                    

631 987-7233


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