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Why You Should Get A Hair Mineral Analysis

A hair mineral analysis is a profile that measures many minerals in your body. Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA Test) is a common type of profile used especially by alternative practitioners. Your hair contains a lot of information about your energy production, what minerals are lacking and what kind of nutrition is best for you. Knowing this information can be a major asset for improving your health.

You can say that a hair analysis test is like taking a microscope and looking deeper into your body. Hair mineral analysis is an excellent tool for correcting nutritional deficiencies by knowing which minerals or vitamins are lacking in your diet. It also completely removes the guessing game of what mineral supplements to take daily.


Hair Mineral Analysis Fundamentals

Hair mineral analysis refers to the process of testing your hair to reveal its mineral makeup. There are a few ways this can be done, depending on what the application is used for. Hair tests are commonly associated with drug use or people that get a heavy metal hair test to indicate toxic metals. Other types of HTMA tests are used for mineral profiles that pertain to improving health such as the Hair Mineral Analysis we use from Analytical Research Labs in Phoenix, Arizona.

Hair Mineral Analysis Can Tell You A Lot

A mineral profile from a single strand of hair can show thyroid and adrenal function, energy production using ratio’s from sodium and potassium as well as digestive indicators using calcium, sodium and phosphorus.

Toxic metal absorption that happen over years of imbalances are indicated on a HTMA test as well as toxic metals in excess through environmental living factors. Hair Mineral Analysis testing can also show mineral and vitamin deficiency for improving nutritional weakness.


The Body Balanced – Health Program uses your Hair Mineral Profile as its road map to indicate all imbalances. The below list are just a few of the chronic issues and symptoms that can be revealed:

Brain Fog
Hair Loss
Immune Deficiency
Muscle Cramps
Migraine Headaches
Mood Swings
Panic Attacks
Digestive Disorders
and many others


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