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The Fallacy Of Taking Random Supplements

Healthview interview with Dr. Paul Eck (Founder of Analytical Research Labs) Healthview: We can see from our conversations that you are totally against people taking random supplements – even if people know which “oxidation type” they are. Dr. Eck: Absolutely. I am totally against people taking supplements without knowing what they are doing. As far as I am concerned, there is no way of knowing what you are doing without the intelligent use of hair tests. Healthview: Why do you say that? Wouldn’t a person be able to tell if a supplement was making her or she feel better? Dr. Eck: Feeling better is not really a criteria that a supplement is “working”, as you say. Do you realize that it is possible to make a person temporarily “feel better” by making their hair chart worse? “Without a hair test, there is no scientific way of telling exactly which minerals and vitamins you need”

Healthview: How could that be? Dr. Eck: For instance, let us take a fast oxidizer who has a high level of sodium and potassium. This means his adrenals are overactive or overstressed. This person is already overstimulating themselves to keep going. Now if he or she takes supplements like vitamin E and vitamin C, and a high B-complex stress vitamin, he will probably feel better. Yet he or she is really making the mineral pattern worse! What happens is that the vitamin C, E and B complex raise the sodium and potassium even more. It is a drug like effect, like taking a cup of coffee. The person notices a pick-up. What he or she will probably not be aware of is that by raising the sodium and potassium they have pushed themselves closer to a heart attack!! He or she will also no be aware of the fact that there calcium and magnesium levels are being lowered at the same time. If he or she keeps doing this long enough, the calcium and magnesium levels – and the ratios between them – can move into a cancer range! Of course, if the person got cancer, they would never connect it to the supplements they were taking. They would probably tell themselves, “If it weren’t for the supplements, I probably would have gotten cancer

much sooner.” The real truth is that WITHOUT the supplements, they may never had gotten cancer at all!! Healthview: So you are saying then that a supplement program that makes a person feel better – at least temporarily – is not necessarily good for them? Dr. Eck: That’s right! In fact if you change or rearrange a mineral pattern by 10-25% - in any direction you can probably get relief from symptoms. You get short term benefit by helping some parts of your mineral chart at the expense of your other minerals. Unfortunately, the damage you are doing does not show until later. It takes time to develop. So you never realize the harm you have done to yourself. Believe it or not, many times you have to make a person temporarily feel worse to get them to feel better. Healthview: How is that? Dr. Eck: Let’s take that example of the fast oxidizer we were using before. The right way to help this person would be to lower their sodium and potassium levels. This would reduce the stress on their adrenal glands. It would slow down the person’s metabolism and prevent them from “burning out” their mineral reserves and collapsing. You have to slow this kind of person down to save their life. But when you do it, this person feels worse. They don’t want to slow down. They want to keep driving themselves. Do you think a person like this is voluntarily going to go into a health food store and buy supplements that will slow them down? Who would ever take supplements that would make them feel worse? If a person took something that made them feel worse, they would stop. And if it made them feel better, they would keep taking it. Now can you see the problems of randomly taking supplements without knowing what you are doing? Healthview: But suppose a person knew what kind of oxidizer he was? Couldn’t he then take the right kinds of supplements?

Dr. Eck: Well, suppose he did. How much should he take? And how long should he take it? If you slow a person down too much, that is just as bad as making him too fast. How would a person know precisely when to change his supplements? Remember that so far we have only been talking about four mineral, sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. Can you see how complicated it can get when you consider the relationships between the other minerals, such as copper, zinc, manganese, chromium, phosphorus, iron and so forth? That’s why I say over and over: the only way you can tell what supplements to take for your specific physical / emotional imbalances is to use the results of hair tests. There just is no other way and no better way. If there was, I would be using it. It is sad to see what goes on in the health field today. You could probably switch the labels on all the vitamins and minerals being sold and probably few people would physically notice the difference. Some people would even get better! That’s how unscientific things are. You can see why I get so passionate when I talk about this. The way I see it, it is better and far safer to take NOTHING than to practice scientific guess work!

Do people use hair tests, or use them scientifically? No! They read in a magazine or on the web that zinc is good for them and they take some. They read that vitamin C is good for them and they take that too. They read that we are all deficient in magnesium (or so they think), so they add some of that. If there is a special 2-for-1 sale on calcium tablets, they stock up on that. It is pathetic the way people go about choosing supplements, they could do almost as good as using a roulette wheel! I’m not trying to make fun of anyone but when you don’t know what to take, you have to guess! I used to do it myself. Another thing that you frequently find in the health field is the taking of a little of every mineral – “just to be on the safe side.” They believe that the body with its infinite wisdom knows exactly what to do with each and every mineral. They believe that whatever the body needs, it keeps; and what ever it doesn’t need, it simply excretes in the urine, or through the proper channels. Healthview: Well, aren’t any minerals which you don’t need always excreted in the urine? Dr. Eck: No, not necessarily. Many authorities believe that the body will always excrete all the minerals which it does not need through the proper body channels.

If this were the case, then why do so many individuals have hair analyses which indicate that they have toxic amounts of copper, lead, cadmium, calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc in their tissues? If everything was the way everybody said it was – if all the minerals the body did not need were excreted, and if all you had to do to correct “deficiencies” in the body was to give people the minerals they were low in, then it would be the easiest thing in the world to correct mineral imbalances. All you would have to do would be to give them mineral supplements which contained all the essential minerals. If it were as easy as this, very few people on the various mineral programs would not remain ill for very long. But you know as well as I do that this is just not the case!

Healthview: I do not think we should get into a full discussion on that topic at this particular time as we are pressed for time. But how about a good multi supplement? Would that be of any help to a person with a slow metabolism?

Dr. Eck: A person with a slow or even a fast metabolism can take a multi supplement – just to make sure they are not “missing anything.” But I doubt it will do much to correct their metabolism.

Many of the multi supplements on the market today generally contain magnesium, zinc, and copper along with vitamin A and vitamin B2.

Unfortunately, a combination of these compounds will only serve to slow down an already slow metabolism.

The idea behind taking a multi mineral and vitamin supplement is logical. But you have to make sure the multi supplement is “balanced” for a particular metabolism. The whole philosophy of everyone taking the same kind of multi supplement is just absurd as everyone wearing the same shoe size.

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