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Hair Analysis, Nutrition
& Health Coaching

A comprehensive health program using hair mineral analysis for disease prevention.
Let us reveal your mineral profile, the secret to a healthy long life!

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Our Free Phone Consultation Includes:

  • One on One with a mineral & detox expert

  • Dietary discussion for your oxidation type

  • Critical minerals and health program Q&A

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Analytical Research Labs

      Analytical Research Labs 

Proudly Serving the Health Care Professional for over Four Decades!

AAn Authority on the Science of Balancing Body
          Chemistry through Hair Analysis
Analytical Research Labs (ARL), is one of the most respected and experienced leaders in the hair tissue mineral analysis field. Founded in 1974, they have been setting the professional standards that have been emulated for over 40 years by national and international hair testing laboratories. ARL pioneered the field of hair tissue mineral analysis interpretation and earned the respect and endorsement of health care professionals throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Asia.

After more than 4 years of being on this program I was able to transform my digestion from horrible to amazing. I had very bad burping and the pain was terrible. Burping before and after eating was non-stop daily but little by little month by month I improved and it didn't happen over night it was gradual.. The change has been permanent!

I was also born with high functioning autism and I can say that many of my symptoms have been greatly reduced so being on this program has created a happy new life for me and I am so blessed and grateful!

Daniel P. - North Carolina

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